Custom Gardens

What is an Inspired Garden?

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More than just a garden, an inspired garden will reflect your personality and style. By consulting with you and asking you questions about yourself as well as what you want from your garden design, we’ll create an outdoor space with flowers, plants, and decor that will bring you joy and peace day after day.

Home Garden Design

Your home is your centralized space – it’s your safe place, your place of rest, the place you go when you need to decompress and reset. The best thing you can do for yourself and your space is to add living elements. The life and color that flowers and plants can bring to your home will give it an entirely different feeling of happiness, peace, and love. 

The team at Inspired Garden can manifest your wildest dream into reality. Using our vast knowledge of Northeast premium nurseries and growers , we’ll obtain the best quality materials to use in your new garden. No matter the size or scope, we’ll make the plans and bring your vision to life.

Business Gardens

Just as with a home garden design, we begin by visiting your place of business to observe its potential for natural beauty. We love the challenge designing a business garden can often present, as limited spaces or hot, reflective sidewalks require us to be as creative as possible to elevate your outdoor aesthetic. We work closely with you to create a gorgeous solution that will be sure to entice new customers and bring joy to your workday.

Design & Planning

Once we understand you, your ideas, and your needs, we start the planning process. The difference between garden design and garden planning is simple; design is comprised of our collaborative brainstorming to determine the best solution for the garden of your dreams, and planning is the implementation of those solutions. Once we get to the planning phase, the beauty and calming effects of nature are close to becoming part of your daily reality.

Garden Maintenance

Your garden, once complete, is a living, breathing entity. It will bring you zen and joy for years to come when treated with love. We are here to help keep your garden beautiful by offering the following services:

gardening services


Plants need regular feedings of nutrients to keep them flourishing and blooming.

gardening services


Plants, shrubs and small trees trimmed down to reshape and refresh your landscape.

gardening services


When growing an outdoor garden, it is common for unwanted plants and weeds to appear. To preserve the life and wellness of your garden, we will weed out undesirable intruders.

gardening services


Old blooms need to be cut off to help stimulate new flowers and help your garden flourish.

"Flowers lift the spirit and restore the soul."
-Martha Lever