What Are Succulents?

Succulents are beautiful, low maintenance plants. Their vast array of colors and shapes paired with their low maintenance care make them the perfect houseplant or gift. Their diverse forms and growing patterns allow them to blend with different settings, bringing unique characteristics to every occasion.

Inspired Garden Succulents

Succulent arrangements add life and visual interest to a dining table, desk, or side table. Jaw-dropping as a centerpiece or a perfect accent to any room, these living vignettes lend a fresh breath of greenery to the home or office, no green thumb required. We get high quality and unique succulents from a reputable nursery and we sourced a variety of rustic and natural looking containers to display them in. Please contact me and we can make something very special for your needs.

"Plants instantly attract the eye, calm the soul and bring a peacefulness to any room."
- Petria @cocoroseninteriors