Inspired gardens have a storybook feel to them. Dreamy and romantic, cheerful and whimsical, they’re bursting with beautiful flowers that peak at different times, and colors that pop season after season. They seem magical. They make you smile. They bring a sense of peace and serenity to your home. They are the envy of the neighborhood.

Creating a garden like that, though, is no simple feat. Researching soil types, managing bloom times, contrasting flower colors, choosing the right plants, understanding zones, conceptualizing placement, dealing with changing light… it can feel totally overwhelming. The Inspired Garden’s Design Plan simplifies this process, so you can create a glorious garden without all the headache and hassle. You will receive a photorealistic view of your garden, a schematic map identifying the exact placement of each plant, and a plant catalog so you will know the specific plants and shrubs portrayed.

With our customized Inspired Garden Design Plan, you’ll have the garden of your dreams with three simple steps.

  1. Purchase your Inspired Garden Design Plan.
  2. Complete our garden survey and submit a photo of your garden space. This will help us understand the physical attributes of your space, and learn more about your vision for the garden. We work closely with you to understand your color preferences, design aesthetic, and any personal elements you may want to add. The photo helps us visualize your space, serving as a canvas for us to create your final design. (We will email a link to the survey after you make your purchase.)
  3. Consult with our designer. The last step in this process is a one-on-one consultation to go over the plan, answer any questions, and fine-tune the details.

The Inspired Garden can implement your design plan as well. If you choose us for installation, we will credit half the garden plan price to your planting invoice.

Purchase your Inspired Garden Design Plan here. After you make your purchase, you will be directed to our garden survey. Questions? Give us a call at 973-986-1603.

We are excited to take this botanical journey with you and look forward to getting started. The garden of your dreams is closer than you think!