Full Year Garden Service

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Our Full Year Garden Service plan offers everything your garden needs to stay healthy, fresh and blooming for the duration of the growing season:

  • 3 Seasons of Annuals
  • Summer Maintenance (Complimentary)
  • Fall Bulbs

Our schedule of annuals plantings, summer maintenance and fall bulbs keeps your home looking lush from early spring through fall. These services are also available à la carte.

Pricing varies based on the size of the garden and desired coverage. Email customerservice@theinspiredgarden.com for a quote and we’ll make the magic happen!

Annuals – The Magic of The Garden

We offer plantings of annuals incorporated into your garden’s unique design, bringing you vibrant color from April through October. Annuals bring magic to your garden, transforming your home to the next level of peace and beauty. Whether your goal is enhancing curb appeal, creating an enchanting place for young ones to play, nurturing a backyard oasis, or pulling out all the stops for outdoor entertaining, annuals in the garden bring texture, color and shape like nothing else can. Our designs feature premium flowers sourced from the highest quality growers.

Spring Annuals

spring annuals in front of home

Summer Annuals

summer annuals in front of home

Fall Annuals

fall annuals in front of home

Summer Maintenance – Nurturing Your Investment

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The best way to keep your garden in tip-top shape throughout the summer months is with regular maintenance. We work to keep plants looking their best with deadheading (to promote new blooms), pruning (to remove any damage or disease), regular fertilization (to encourage blooms and new growth) and light replacement of flowers as inventory allows. As we tend to your garden across 5 visits, we’ll be able to spot any potential issues at the earliest opportunity and tailor our care appropriately. Summer maintenance is complimentary with a full-year package!

Fall Bulbs

Fall bulbs are a gift to our future selves, and our gardens! Around late fall we offer plantings of spectacular globe alliums, drifts of delightful daffodils, and bunches of cheery tulips. The bulbs will settle in and stay dormant underground for the winter and will be the first ones to greet you in spring. A sign that brighter times are ahead – something we all need when March and April roll around!

Pricing and Ordering

Keep falling in love with your garden in every season with our Full Year Garden Service. Email customerservice@theinspiredgarden.com for a quote and we’ll make the magic happen.

flower garden