”She breathes in dirt, exhales flowers”

—Isa Ampersand


“Laura Janney made our garden dreams come true!  We lived in London for six years (where beautiful English cottage gardens thrive) and when we returned back here I dreamed of having one. We interviewed many gardeners, landscapers and landscape architects but no one seemed to understand our vision. Laura did. We are so happy and so grateful.”

“Laura brought a great aesthetic to our cottage garden. She was a whirlwind of energy, turning overgrown and neglected plantings into fragrant, colorful beds. We can’t wait for the next step in our garden journey together!”

“If you love flowers, Laura needs to be your go-to. Her knowledge and her artistic eye combine to make you a personal floral utopia."

“Looks fabulous! Thank you so much for your design vision and attention to detail!”

I met Laura at a somewhat transitional time in my life. I was looking to really ground myself. I needed to connect - with those I loved, with myself, and with nature. Part of that was finding plants I could have INSIDE of my home that would bring me peace and happiness. It’s amazing what plants can do for your soul. Laura came to my house with a car full of options, walked around my home with me, and helped me to truly create the vibe I was craving. She was patient and kind...and was authentic in her end goal to make me happy. I’m so grateful for The Inspired Garden.” 

“Laura was a pleasure to work with. She is passionate about beautiful flowers and cares deeply about making her clients happy.”

“This hard working gardner tending in the rain, pulling stubborn weeds and dividing perennials for this DIY gal. It's the first time in 25 years I hired a gardner and it made me feel like a queen. I feel lucky to have found a kindred spirit who I can trust to take care of my sanctuary.”

"It was by chance I both desperately needed help in my suburban garden and saw some photos pop up of Laura renewing a friend's garden. I made contact with her, and, energetic dynamo that she is, she showed up the next day like Mary Poppins to my wild-child flower bed. In what seemed like minutes, Echinacea, Coreopsis, Catmint, Fern and Penstemon that were overwhelmed by ground cover on steroids were unearthed and reintroduced to the sun, many of them divided and lovingly replanted with fresh topsoil. Laura also helped pick out some complementary additions to the bed from a nursery -healthy and vibrant specimens of Coneflower and Russian Sage. I cannot wait for next Spring and more floral projects, and am grateful to have met such a sunshiny kindred spirit in Laura!"